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Thunderbird Customer Support, Thunderbird Phone Number, Thunderbird Technical Support, Thunderbird Customer Service Number (Mozilla Thunderbird support Mozilla Thunderbird customer service 1-866-332-0595)

Most of us being doing browsing with regards to searching different information on the internet, for browsing anything on the web program that helps us all keeping it friendly is the Web Browser, the most popular, user friendly and successful web browser we all know is surly Mozilla Firefox.
After Mozilla Firefox web browser success, the same team decided to develop something which is used second most by the people, which they found was definitely Emails. After so much development on the Email program to make Emails interesting, user friendly and easy the team folks at Mozilla Corporation released the program Mozilla Thunderbird on September 27, 2011.

Thunderbird Phone Number: Hello everyone here is the launch of Mozilla Thunderbird customer service number by the expert in the technical area, so if you are having an issue with your Thunderbird just dial our toll-free Thunderbird phone number for the customers in USA. By dialing our Help number we can provide quick service over phone.

Mozilla thunderbird was introduced as a free program and till today it is still free. It has amazing Features. You can configure any email client in it. Just thewayin browser Mozilla Firefox you have so many exciting add-ons to make it simple and user friendly Thunderbird has also got that option in it so you can add as many add-ons as you want and customize your email experience as per your requirement.
Operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux all of them work like a charm with Thunderbird download. It is available in many different languages from different part of the world so anyone from anywhere can us it.
If you Want to Download Mozilla Thunderbird Program Click Here.

Let`s talk more about Mozilla Thunderbird Features.

  1. Personalized Email Addresses If you want to set up an email with your company name or your name then this features helps you setting it up. You just need to sign up with new email and configure it with Thunderbird.
  2. One-Click Address Book any email that comes to your inbox just click on it then a star appears click on it then contact is added to your address book. You can add more information later if you want.
  3. Attachment Reminder this features notifies you about the compatible file format attachment before sending.
  4. Multiple-channel chat you can keep a long chat in single email which also support multiple networks.
  5. Tabbed Email this feature keeps your email easy and convenient you can save different emails in different tabs.
  6. Search the Web you can search the web without even closing the Thunderbird application.
  7. Quick Filter Toolbar you can quickly manage and filter your mail as per messages, tags and people in address book.
  8. Search Tools you can search the exact email just by typing the name or some text about it.
  9. Message Archive you can keep any important email in archive folder so it is always safe and it does not show in inbox which would be easy to navigate.
  10. Activity Manager you don’t need to go to your webmail to check if you have missed any email because these features keep a track of all your webmail activity.
  11. Large Files Management this feature helps you create a link for a large file share it with the others you want to share with so it is faster and convenient since its uploaded on online storage.
  12. Thunderbird Look & Feel you can change any theme as per your mood and business.
  13. Add-ons Manager you don’t need to go to the browser to find the add-ons instead you can add them directly to thunderbird which would be quick and convenient.
  14. Smart Folders this feature is helpful for you if you have multiple email account since it will manage your inbox, sent or archive folders.
  15. Robust Privacy and Do Not Track Thunderbird offers support for user privacy and remote image protection. To ensure a user’s privacy, Thunderbird automatically blocks remote images in email messages.
  16. Phishing Protection now a day you can be a victim of hacking or identity theft anytime so thunderbird keep a track on those emails and notifies you immediately if any email is harmful.
  17. Automated Update you don’t need to keep looking for updates since thunderbird keeps a trash of the latest version, when a new version is released it notifies you immediately.
  18. Cutting out the Junk if any emails you mark as spam next time it always goes to junk folders thunderbird filters keeps a track of it.
  19. Open Source this feature is available to make sure that your thunderbird is always up to date and secured.Thunderbird Support 1800 563 3020   Mozilla Thunderbird Logo

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After reading all the Information, if you are still Confused Which Email Application you should use then below is the list of Best Email Clients Look at them and Compare between the Best.

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Mozilla Thunderbird phone number for Thunderbird Technical Support:- 1-866-332-0595